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View Diary: America is Pro-Choice, Any Questions? (194 comments)

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    Sharoney, arlene

    so most Americans NOW favor forcing women to continue pregnancies no matter who impregnated them, what their physical/emotional/financial status is, how many other kids, abusive relationship, incest, rape, just plain exhaustion???

    this is a huge victory for the "anti-choice" (pro forced pregnancy) ideology.  Sonograms and the fetal homicide laws have made it into a moral issue about the beginning of life.

    this majority means that women will lose the opportunity to end a pregnancy that they can't sustain and don't want, beyond the first 3 months (one month to decide, and many troubled women don't even know they're pregnant).

    And we wonder why there are huge rises in infant abuse, infanticide, and abandonment???

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