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    Being a hellbound athiest I'm personally biased toward the idea of conclusions reached by reason over revealed knowledge sight unseen. Nevertheless, palying devils advocate, I propose we might substitute conclusion based on reason with religous belief and arrive at a similar impasse with respect to those who don't reach the same conclusion just as we could for those who don't share the same beliefs.

    Now, see, you thought you were going to get flamed? Thoughtful, well reasoned and most especially polite commentary is to be admired and encouraged, not flamed.

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    by DarkSyde on Sat Aug 23, 2008 at 09:05:43 AM PDT

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      Indeed on both counts! I was prepared for a fire blast!

      Your point is well taken.  What happens when two people use reason and reach opposite conclusions, and serious principles of justice flow from either conclusion? I don't have an answer to that other than that both people are equally obligated to press for justice from their perspectives. That battle plays out in the public square; it may end up in compromise legislation, it may end up in legislation that favors one of the people over the other. But either way, both people are bound by conscience to press for their conclusions of what justice demands and engage in dialogue. People change their mind on all types of issues through dialogue and civil discussion.

      There are many moral debates on justice which over time people have disagreed with each other's conclusions based on reason.  Slavery, race, suffrage, just wars, and other matters were for many people conclusions (on both sides) that were not a question of faith or revelation, but of their attempts to use reason.  All of these reasonable people disagreed even though from contemporary perspective it may be difficult to understand how any reasonable may have reached certain conclusions.

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