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View Diary: Obama's first name is Barack [poll] (45 comments)

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    Wee Mama, browneyes

    But as the number of people on this site has grown, and with the interest in the "sport" aspect of this "race." there is an influx of repetitive rather shallow diaries.

    This means the time that a given diary is in the first five or ten, when viewers will give them a glance, has diminished.  

    I try to keep my diaries down to a few hundred words, even when they could be enhanced by more content.  But the longer they are, even when what is said is meaningful, the fewer readers.

    And when there are an influx of simplistic diaries, the effort in producing quality is not worth the payoff.  I do work cheap, just the satisfaction of connecting with interesting people.  But I need to at least have a good chance of getting that payoff, or why bother.

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