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View Diary: Wesley Clark as VP – A view from Europe (23 comments)

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  •  I will be pleased to support (0+ / 0-)

    the ticket.  Full stop.

    I would be happy if it was Wesley Clark, Joe Biden, Jack Reed or Sam Nunn because of the experience, military/foreign policy credibility.  That said, each presents drawbacks.

    I feel that Kathleen Sebelius doesn't add to the ticket as much as her drawbacks as being the second atypical ('historic') person on the ballot.  I think that it will cause problems with the Hillary fans and the chauvinists.

    I really think Chuch Hagel sends the wrong messages despite the military/foreign policy cred and pull to conservative social issues.  He's just not a fit with the party platform or much else on Obama's policy list.

    Richardson just isn't much of a campaigner, more a policy guy, better in a cabinet position.

    Bayh has advantages in appeal to the middle/right of the party, DLC and the support of the Clintons.  Those are also the cons.

    Tim Kaine will help with Virginia, appeal to the persuadable rural/appalachian/southern types.  But not much experience to the ticket, too young, no serious foreign policy cred.

    Hillary. Clinton.  The Clinton part says it all pro and cons.  If Bill is put in a real cone of silence and kept in Africa, she still has her negatives.  But it would solidify base.

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