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  •  He used rather unfortunate termonology there (2+ / 0-)
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    texasmom, martydd

    he could have used better phrasing to indicate he was essentially defering to God on the question of when human life begins.  The unfortunate use of the phrase "Above my pay grade" will be used against him in commerical soundbites.  It's a common phrase, and Americans generally associate it with the idea of deferring to another person at a higher level (higher "pay grade") than you. Americans generally don't believe anybody is "above the pay grade" of the President.

    The other disconnet there was that he was answering the question of when human life begins (clearly the question he was prepared for, as one might expect from Warren), when in fact Warren phrased the question in terms of civil rights -- i.e., recognition by the government.

    •  What difference does it make how the question was (1+ / 0-)
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      Pandoras Box

      phrased?  It of course is logically dependent upon when human life begins.  As to not liking how he answered the question, what is the converse of what he said?  Yes, the President knows God and speaks for him/her/it...I don't see it as a problem at all if Obama's campaign simply maintains the non-presumption in his answer.  It was perfect.

      •  Here's the "converse" (in your words) (0+ / 0-)

        As to not liking how he answered the question, what is the converse of what he said?

        Here's a suggestion (and of course, hindsight is always 20-20, so take it with a grain of salt):  

        I know you believe human life begins at conception.  That belief is between you and God and I understand and respect that.  Some people in this country do not share that religous belief, and I understand and respect those views as well.  As for me personally, I leave the question up to God.  I don't believe that we, as human beings, really know the answer to that question.

        When you are talking about the policies of our country, much as I respect your religious views, I don't think the country can impose them on others who believe differently. I don't believe the civil rights of an embryo, at the moment of conception, are equal to the rights of the mother.  (Go on to discuss shared views of reducing abortion.)  

        This might have been a bit more straightforward and avoided the controversy that "above my pay grade" has caused.  And, it would not have been a surprise to Warren or the audience, who were clearly aware of his position going in.  

        •  Actually, that's the supporting argument to his (0+ / 0-)

          statement.  The converse, or opposite, would be to say that he knows just what God is thinking, as McCain did when he answered definitively.

          I think Obama did fine.  

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