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View Diary: Why is the "West" so bad at strategy? (244 comments)

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  •  Well said Jerome (5+ / 0-)

    I made somewhat of the same point as Mr. Mahbubani in discussing the US-Georgian joint military exercises in July which preceded all the mess.

    We would certainly think it was relevant if Russia sent troops to do joint exercises with Mexico 50 miles south of the US border, regardless of whether Mexico and Russia told us it was insignificant and not worthy of our notice.  

    The same applies here.  There is no way that holding military exercises with US troops in a country adjacent to Russia is not considered significant, at least by Russia, if not by our own government. [...]

    Now consider Saakashvili and his well-known issues. Talk about a volatile mixture.  I cannot believe that this was unknown by anyone in the Bush administration and I'm sure some digging would document that there were those who did know and warned about it.  

    The question then becomes why did these things happen?  Because of incompetence or were there other reasons?  I do believe that incompetence may account for some things but I don't think that the Bush administration and the people in the State Dept are  absolutely stupid.  So someone pushed for this policy.  Who and why?

    Assume that the Bush foreign policy administration did know that the activities would push Saakashvili over the edge and went forward with it because the predictable results would support some other action that they want to take.

    So what action would neo-conservatives about to be tossed out of power want to instigate? That is the real question.

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