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  •  Well, don't you think it strange (0+ / 0-)

    that we have local officials having so much sway on NATIONAL elections? Put that down as number 4 (i.e., nationalizing voting processes) and move 4 to 5.

    And you can save your condescending remarks for someone else, I'm quite aware of our past follies. It would not be terribly difficult to require, in plain english, that people understand what they are voting on. Or perhaps you are of the extreme opinion that anyone with the motor skills of an 5 year old should be allowed to blindly vote on whatever the hell they want to for no reason whatsoever. That's our system today and it has led to lazy incompetent governance (amongst the other reasons).

    Freedom without responsibility is crap. And you can't be responsible if you're ignorant. Gun owners don't want to be told how to use their guns, parents don't want to be know the abc's of child development, manufacturers don't want to tell people what's in their products, our government doesn't really want you to know what they do behind closed doors and on and on. Voting in ignorance is a pox like all the rest of our societal blindness'.

    Argue for your limitations and you own them - bach

    by dRefractor on Thu Aug 21, 2008 at 02:31:58 PM PDT

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