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View Diary: Big Business Goes After Unions to Defeat Democrats (327 comments)

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  •  The new Senate can create new rules, if they so (1+ / 0-)
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    desire.  Sixty doesn't have to be the number to overide a fillibuster, it could be 55.  Also, if we could get a fighting dem in charge of the senate, it should not be impossible to get 60 votes.  With all three branches controlled by one party, all kinds of legal pressure can be brought to bear.

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      buckhorn okie

      I'd like to see your scenario but the 60 vote cloture rule has withstood crises as big as our current situation. Unfortunately the judiciary is not now controlled by the Dems. What sort of legal pressure are you thinking of -- armtwisting along the lines of "vote for cloture or the Abramoff documents about you come out"?

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