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View Diary: Big Business Goes After Unions to Defeat Democrats (327 comments)

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  •  As a retired Union "Boss" I say: (2+ / 0-)
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    Firstly, for full disclosure - I'm a retired "Canadian" Union Staff Representative (BUT - what's happened in Canada has happened in your country as well).

    The greatest "victory" of the "right" over the last 25 years has been the destruction of the Trade Union Movement. As things now stand literally MILLIONS of MIDDLE CLASS Union "pay" jobs are GONE - never to return. It started by the "Right" succeeding in convincing non-unionized workers that Unions were anti-worker, then they created "Employer Front" Unions that lowered wages and workers rights. Next was to say to workers, "If you do not get rid of the Union we'll move to Mexico/Canada/China/etc." Then when the Unions were gone and the workers had no voice, no standing and no rights - they moved the jobs anyway.

    Success - the Unions destroyed, the middle class destroyed, the Unions as a political arm of the Democrats destroyed, the Democrats weakened. To protect their fu*king money they destroyed the economy of their own country!

    The Unions FAILED, failed terribly to EDUCATE their own members about how crucial their Union was not only to them personally but to their city, state and country.

    God willing, Obama and a resurgent "Left" can communicate to your country's workers the necessity, the right and the OBLIGATION they have to see that workers get a FAIR share of the richness of your great country. If not - well there's always a job at McDonalds - and if my wife and I and our teenages kids all work a 40 hour week there, and pool our money, who knows we might be able to afford health insurance and every decade take a weeks vacation to a local lake.

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