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View Diary: David Brooks' OpEd in NY Times: "Hoping It's Biden" (28 comments)

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    Anne Elk

    Look, Brooks drives me as crazy as the next. I disagree with 90% of what he says, but the truth is that post-Iraq-fiasco the guy has done some serious soul searching (assuming he has a soul of course) and sometimes comes up with some interesting stuff to say, such as this column.

    Fundamentally, Brooks is right about why Biden is the right choice for Obama.  Gives him an experienced and knowledgeable VP who will be vital in the Obama administration, and also a good resource during the campaign.  Plus, I didn't know about a lot of Biden's personal history, so Brooks did his job on that account too.

    Look at this way: Biden is the anti-Cheney.  I can't wait to see him rip apart Mittens.

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