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View Diary: PUMAs or Republican Provocateurs? (191 comments)

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  •  That is in harmony with one data point I noted (0+ / 0-)

    I spent some time recently in Ohio, & for reasons of pure curiosity I looked forward to seeing a McCain bumpersticker in that state; until about a week ago, I had not seen a single one here in Oregon.

    I was disappointed in this hope. Maybe it's a difference in the local cultures (not only are there a lot of Obama signs & bumper stickers, but also a few Ron Paul ones), but I did not see one bumpersticker or sign for either candidate.

    I did see a pair of Ron Paul signs on an overpass above I-90 in Pennsylvania, & a very fancy metal Ron Paul sign next to US 30 in Ohio (tricked out with lights for night viewing) -- which only emphasized the absence of visible support for McCain bakc east.

    And, as of this writing, my count for McCain lawn signs, bumperstickers, &c., remains one. Maybe I need to get out more often.


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