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View Diary: John McCain : No Choice for Women (199 comments)

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  •  this is not addressed to the much battered Angry (3+ / 0-)

    Mouse and her sisters, but to the diehards.

    For whatever reason, some women have decided that they are so offended by the symbolism of the campaign to date, all those little things we've all read about, that it has become more important to them than the futures of other women in this nation in the years to come. Even the phrasing 'they have no choice' is now offensive, no matter how true it may be.

    For me, I would say it simpler.  Do you want choices about your health and survival, or that of your daughter or your wife or your granddaughter made by Mike Huckabee sitting safe and secure in his study somewhere with sunlight shining through his window and a Bible in his hand, or by you, your significant others and your doctor, with your medical file in his/her hand. the choice of Choice is always a difficult one  to make, but the issue is who is going to make that choice, for if you elect mcCain, it will not be you.

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