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    wishingwell, Taya Lawrence

    For 6 months I've heard nothing but warnings of risk about Sen. Obama.  Palin's selection as VP is by far the riskiest gamble I've seen.  It showcases the obvious shoot-from-the-hip double-the-bet mentality of an emotional gambler.  As a Democrat, of course, I applaud the pick; as an American I'm stunned by its blatant ineptitude.  Could this country actually elect these clowns again???

    •  Do you want the short answer? (0+ / 0-)

      Words like risky, reckless, dangerous, naive, inexperienced have been used constantly for over a year.   They've lost their punch and no longer produce fear.   So this was the very best time to introduce the REAL risk: the REAl reckless, dangerous, naive and inexperienced candidate.  The power of those words is blunted and will have no effect on her standing with average voters. On the contrary, they're going to love her BECAUSE those familiar words will be applied to her.

      It's difficult to explain, but I believe you'll find all this in the KR Handbook.  

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