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  •  Mother of young kids as President? (2+ / 0-)
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    Melody Townsel, quotemstr

    She sounds like a great woman, and perfect for a leadership job that is not too demanding, due to her family responsibilities.

    I just gotta wonder tho, how is she going to meet the demanding work of caring for a brand new special needs baby and still have time left to learn how to run a country?

    Physically bearing a child is just step one in the pro-life process.   Caring and nurturing that child
    is equally important.   Will she put the kids with a Nanny and head for Washington?   I doubt it.   I can't imagine a good Christian woman like this neglecting her kids to go to Washington to run the senate, or travel to the funerals of foreign leaders.

    She is going to want to be at home.   McCain may have made a great choice, but I think Palins choice, as a mother, reminds me more of the movie "Sophies Choice" than "Mr Smith goes to Washington"

    •  I'm sure she'll find a way (0+ / 0-)

      Perhaps she could pass the butter churning off to her eldest and let the younger ones help her with the laundry down by the river. That should free up some time.

      Have I slipped into 1950? 1850?

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