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View Diary: Could Palin be McCain's Revenge on the Right? (80 comments)

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  •  palin is limbaugh in a skirt (2+ / 0-)
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    yes, i don't think it was a mccain revenge pick. limbaugh and hannity immediately hailed palin as a brilliant pick. she was announced in time for limbaugh's fri show.  it was coordinated with limbaugh. that means it was likely a rove pick.

    limbaugh has been flip flopping to except mccain, something he said he could never do, and mccain has ben flip flopping to limbaugh. on friday this brilliant pick for VP caused limbaugh to officially endorse mccain, saying he's the candidate anyway and america can't afford obama.

    the talk radio monopoly is critical to the GOP and palin will be cordinated to build on whatever talking points the GOP launders through our local radio stations.

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