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View Diary: Palin vs Obama: Resumes you can use (UPDATED) (35 comments)

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  •  Strange how they would diminish their own (1+ / 0-)
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    candidate in an attempt to bring down ours.

    Obama has a vision for America that includes ALL Americans. His inspiring message resonates because it empowers the individual and challenges us to reach beyond ourselves for a better tomorrow. He makes it clear that our participation is vital to the change we seek. It is a very powerful and compelling message, especially in these troubled times.

    The Repub message is still the same although now the pig has a new shade of lipstick. It is divisive in tone and aimed at those at the top and those who hate. And now it has the offensive stench of pandering. Palin's contribution is that she is the "anti" to anything positive ( anti-science, anti-climate change, anti-environmentalism, anti-choice, etc... ) and the "pro" to all that is negative ( pro-life, pro-drilling, pro-big business, pro-exteme social views, pro-status quo, etc...)

    And just like McCain is overplaying the POW card, the media will overplay her maverickiness so that the "maver" will be dropped and the voters will realize all that remains is the "ickiness." People will realize that the Govenor of Alaska might just as well be the Mayor of Alaska.

    I think the distinctions will become even sharper in the coming days and "experience" will become less of an issue. Except for how it pertains to Palin being so inexperienced and so extreme in her views yet horror-of-horrors she could be but one heartbeat away from suddenly becoming the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD.

    There are so many issues that Palin has already admitted that she hasn't given much thought to that I doubt she will be prepared enough to cover for her lack of clear policy positions during the debates or while on the stump. Gaffes and misstatements are inevitable. Even seasoned political pros make them.

    Obama brings fresh ideas, renewed hope, critical thinking, and considered approaches to the table. What does Palin bring? More of the same plus worse.

    The resumes are important, but the goals and aspirations of the candidates even more so.

    That being said, we should fight with every tool we have and all the strength we can muster.

    Through all your faults and all my complaints, I still love you.

    by jayden on Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 12:49:52 AM PDT

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