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    The discussions I have had with Republican friends over the past few days have been even more inane than that.  When the issue of her inexperience is raised, we're told she should be given a chance.  When that attitude is contrasted with their own about Obama, we are told that VP is different from President.  When McCain's age is raised, hands are waived dismissively.

    Fact is this:  all the bull about Obama's experience is now clearly transparent bull, not only in the party hierarchy, but also in the rank and file.  They don't like Obama's views, plain and simple.  Put someone with even less experience than Obama in a place where they could be president, but color them with dyed-in-the-wool conservative views, and voila, instant support, all "inexperience" be damned.  

    Folks, they want to win, plain and simple.  The "conservative evangelical angle" is a huge one for them, it's one they have taken to victory against us in the past.  Palin may be a lightweight in substance, but the political threat she holds for us is substantial.  We have only eight weeks to turn that.  We need to get busy, rather than waiving our own hands dismissively at what was in reality a very shrewd political pick, even if Palin lacks serious substance to anyone other than the red meat of the GOP.  Hint:  they don't care much about independents, they don't think they can win them anyway, and they are instead shifting gears to energize their base, and trying to win very narrowly like they did in the last two rounds.  Cynical? Yes.  Stupid?  No.

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