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View Diary: Palin and Treble Damages (48 comments)

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    I agree -- merits are where this should be. Unfortunately you've missed the mark on this issue. It pains me.

    Palin is NOT "in bed" with the companies. Nor with TC. She really is an independent person trying to do right, by her lights, by the state. And frankly, she's shown enormous courage in taking the industry on in doing so. Heck, she raised oil production taxes by an ongodly amount.

    That said Palin is not in step with a lot of where the country is. That's where the criticism belongs.

    •  I am always delighted to be corrected (0+ / 0-)

      with correct information, but not with conclusions "you're wrong." "you missed the mark" without a demonstration of where the mark is.  Please post the proof.

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