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  •  You are wrong (0+ / 0-)

    There is not a single reference to Palin's "baby" thing as you call it on TalkLeft. I have told commenters in almost every thread they will be banned for posting rumors or personal attacks like that.

    All of the criticism of Palin is on her record (or lack thereof) and her position on issues.

    As for supporting Obama, I announced my support (and TalkLeft's support) for Obama as President the day Hillary dropped out. While I opposed Biden as VP during the selection process, I announced my support of the ticket and intent to vote for it right before the convention -- McCain would be far worse on crime issues and in control of the Justice Department.

    TalkLeft limits comments by those who support MxCain/Palin and oppose Obama/McCain and prohibits  personal attacks and rumors.

    I will continue to criticize Palin on her record, her inexperience and her position on issues. You may disagree with that strategy and it may not be the right one for the Obama campaign, but TalkLeft is a forum to express my views, not the views of a political campaign.

    You can criticize TalkLeft and me all you want but do it accurately. This diary is just wrong.

    •  Correction (0+ / 0-)

      Typo: I meant

      "TalkLeft limits comments by those who support McCain/Palin and oppose Obama/Biden and prohibits  personal attacks and rumors."

      Also, perhaps you weren't attacking TalkLeft but differentiating between the two types of attacks. If that was your intent, I apologize and you can feel free to hide my comment.

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