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  •  Juneau paper says she was no-show as governor (0+ / 0-)

    This is interesting from the Juneau newspaperin the column regarding reaction to Palin’s selection. It seems she doesn’t show up for work very often. There were even buttons "Where's Sarah."

    And the campaign likes to say she has executive experience. Well, maybe that isn’t such great experience. She’s had a high turnover in her office.


    Palin has spent little time in Juneau, rarely coming to the state capital except when the Legislature was in session, and sometimes not even then.

       During a recent special session called by Palin herself, she faced criticism from several legislators for not showing up personally to push for her agenda.

       Someone at the Capitol even printed up buttons asking "Where's Sarah?"

       Rep. Andrea Doll, D-Juneau, called it a telling question.

       "At a time when her leadership was truly needed, we didn't know where she was," Doll said.

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