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View Diary: KOS member gets secret hidden agenda FOI doc on draft -- Posted on Rock the Vote Blog (145 comments)

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  •  Have this document been certified (none)
    as being free from Rove's dirt?
    Is it worth, at this point, wondering whether Karl Rove and his minions are messing with us?
    If the Democrats made a huge noise about these proposals, crying blue murder at Bush's lies and then the document turned out to be fake, it would be tremendously damaging, handing at least some of the moral high-ground back to him.
    •  You don't have to use the documents (none)
      you just keep pounding on the fact that W's policies will lead to a draft.  Say it over and over, and make W deny it over and over.  The longer that the idea is out there, the more it hurts W.
    •  YES IT HAS. This is an FOI doc, no Rove here! (none)
      I know the post is a lot to read, so here again is the timeline post from up above of the first newspaper article to note that the FOI hidden draft agenda memo itself is "Circulating on the Internet":

      Sept 27, 2004 - When the Rocky Mtn News noted the Feb. 11 memo itself was circulating on the Internet, SSS Spokesman Amon "said the memo was authentic, but he called it nothing more than a `food for thought kind of thing' that was largely rejected inside the Pentagon."  These were the same exact words he used in early 2004, despite Flavahan's "gear up" statement, and the revelation that the SSS had been "designing procedures" and data fields for the Skills Draft since Fall of 2003. [ROCKY MTN NEWS],00.html

      This is an FOI doc straight from the Seattle PI reporter who got it straight from the Selective Service.

      I assume you know how the Freedom of Information Act works.  Those marks on the document are Rosenberg's notes and underlines for when he wrote this story:

      They can't ROVE ME!

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