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View Diary: dKos Photoshop Contest: The GOP Does "Gilligan's Island" (24 comments)

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    valleycat, SaraBeth, GreyHawk, drhgl19

    Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale,
    A tale of woe and glee.
    That started in the Last Frontier,
    and ends at the RNC.

    Poor John searched for a VP who
    was pro-life and pro-war,
    Six candidates were chosen
    who could give George Bush 4 more, give Bush 4 more.

    The selection it was getting tough,
    His first choice quickly tossed,
    "If I can’t top Obama’s speech
    the election will be lost, the election will be lost!"

    The Straight Talk Express was Dayton-bound
    At dawn who did we see;
    the entourage
    with faces new, its
    Sarah Palin, and the ‘first dude’
    Cindy McCain
    and John, to himself exclaims;
    "I made history too!"

    We sure hope that secured the base,
    but you’ve really been too kind;
    Four scandals in the first four days,
    It feels like Christmas time!

    We know McCain and Palin too,
    Will do their very best,
    To make the Clintonistas see,
    Any clitoris knows best.

    No fun, no fights no president,
    Not a single celebrity,
    Like an after-party past its prime,
    Welcome to the RNC!

    So join us here each hour my friends,
    You're sure to get a smile,
    As one more Daily Kos-er,
    Adds a steamer to the pile!

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