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View Diary: New revelations re "stealth dominionist" Sarah Palin (68 comments)

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    You are entirely correct about the who that has been driving for remaking America in god's image. I know because I'm the reason these people shifted the focus from staging mass protest in front of abortion clinic's to political subversion of American politics.

    If you've ever seen a video of the 1992 abortion protest in Milwaukee. I was the guy who was there behind the camera. I'm still the only person in this country that scares the living crap out of the anti's because I put most of them in jail by working with various organizations to expose the true intent behind these so called religious people.

    The agenda back then was to overthrow the government of the United States and today they are closer than ever to reaching this goal. The fact of the matter is that I am still the one person who can expose this subversion.

    One of the major attempts to overthrow the government occurred after I filed a criminal complaint in Waukesha County. Paul Bucher who was the DA at the time is a fanatical Pro-Lifer and knew of my role in abortion protest refused to do his job. What followed was a totally insane set of rulings by a court system controlled bent on accomplishing the goal of the subversive element leading the Pro-Life movement. Long established principles were abandoned by the justice system in Wisconsin.

    The end result of a court system gone insane resulted in my losing my citizenship as an American. But what is really important is how I so totally screwed them out of ever accomplishing the final goal.

    Matt and this gang of thugs are so totally screwed when MaCain pick this woman to be the VP. Maybe it's time for the light to shine. Here's the link you really need to see how totally screwed these wing nuts are.

    The Current gang in power may believe they create reality. But factual reality will kill any created reality they might wish to push on a unsuspecting public.

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