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View Diary: New revelations re "stealth dominionist" Sarah Palin (68 comments)

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    ...though perhaps much of the critique of Palin should be made in contrast to Biden the other veep-stakes winner.

    No doubt, McCain has already reaped the primary reward by her selection, the fealty of formerly apathetic conservatarian voters. The question remaining for me is how best frame Palin so as to be unappealing to the undecided biconceptuals?

    Personally, I tend towards framing Palin as a political hack and nickel-dime public servant. She barely avoided a recall by agreeing to give most of the Wasilla mayoral duties to a hired city administrator. Palin "governance" invariably leads to mismanagement and debt. Palin's ties to Abramoff lobbyist reveal she is no anti-pork reformer. On the very issue of her meager experience, Sarah Palin should be seen as an unappetizing choice for indepedent voters

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