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  •  Republicans for Obama (6+ / 0-)

    Thanks for posting that video, that is remarkable. In this day and age, to hear out of their own mouths simple, honest, everyday voters (or, well, people) discuss thinking about the issues and candidates with open minds is astonishing and unsusual enough. To hear them discuss thoughtfully and reasonably the idea of moving beyond mere party labels--in part out of an appreciation, even desperate hunger for moving beyond those tired divisions--is more remarkable still.

    That was a truly inspiring 3 minutes. And look who's talking: mostly white folks from the heartland; majority older women. All the folks we've been hearing won't vote for Obama because they're going to vote for Hillary; all the folks we keep hearing won't vote for Obama because they'll switch to McCain. Heck, how about that "security mom" getting converted to Obama by her son, the officer in the U.S. Army.

    It's enough to Make You Believe that finally, after so long, Change can really come. And we can all, together, make it happen.

    •  It feels great to become a Democrat. (2+ / 0-)
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      I remember when I was a Republican.  The Democratic candidates always seemed cooler, more appealing. But I was a Republican so I voted that way.  Until 1992 when I said "enough!" and voted who I wanted to vote for--who said what I wanted to hear, and it felt good. And I've voted Dem ever since.
      I never worked on any Republican campaigns or gave them any money, but I certainly have in these last two elections--for Kerry and now Obama.
      No going back!

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