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View Diary: Tropical Storms Hanna & Ike [UPDATED 2:15PM EDT] (104 comments)

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  •  I second that motion. I am awaiting millwx's 11AM (3+ / 0-)

    update. I am in Miami closely and nervously watching Ike as several models and the official track are showing a major hurricane off the southeast coast of Florida on Monday.

    Is it me, or are we seeing some unusual hurricane tracks this season? I haven't seen too many storms in that part of the Atlantic moving WSW and Ike would be the second this week.

    Also, you discussed a sharp right turn occuring at some point. I guess because I don't see that on the American models so all I see are about 5 or 6 models pointing at the Florida straights...

    I have a trip to California scheduled for this weekend returning before dawn on Monday. What do you think about Monday morning?

    So many questions...  lol. Major props for your detailed discussions here millwx.

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