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View Diary: Stephanie Cutter -- getting a deserved smackdown (102 comments)

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  •  Re; Adam Nagourney (3.75)

    Dear Kos,

    I am giving you some inside dope on him which is important to know..

    I am from New York City and I have known Adam Nagourney since he first began covering City and the State elections. Stephanie Cutter did not make Adam into an enemy.  He has always been one.   He has never covered Democratic campaigns or candidates fairly or without snide, demeaning and disparaging opinions parading as truthful observations.

    He has a one sided sense of ethics.  He would never do to a Republican campaign or candidate what he just did to the Kerry campaign. Encouraging him to flout journalistic ethics will only boomerang back to harm our eventual nominee.  Besides, unless he is reassigned he won't  be covering  the Republicans  just  the Dems. Believe me he will happily engage in the kind of group piling on that the press did to Gore in 2000.  Indeed his treatment of the Kerry campaign when it is down, is emblematic of trashing of  the supposed down candidate that could easily be how the press will play the 2004 election in terms of Dems vs. Bush.

    I have had personal conversations with him and I know that his view of Dean is jaundiced , mean-spirited and dismissive. He will gleefully do to Dean what he did to Kerry or to anyone else who could be the nominee. His writings about the rest of the field treats them as midgets, connivers and wannabes. Which is his historical stance .

    I have read almost everything he has written about politics and sometimes they are about I campaigns I have personally worked on and he is not our friend.  

    Take his coverage of the Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner. ( I was there. It was enormous and  thrilling and showed how  great the enthusiasm and determnation to send George back to Crawford ) But Adam's take on it was a disservice to the public, our issues and our candidates.  He wrote only about  Hillary in the most  Machiavellian inside baseball kind of way.  Adam's coverage of Democratic politics make Ted Koppel in the New Hampshire debate look like a burnished icon of journalism.

    Please don't encourage his brand of gotcha journalism because he will only use it to harm us, our nominee and our party.

    PS I thought this was an ABB site but your attitude toward Kerry is beginning to poison the pool.

    •  Re: Re; Adam Nagourney (none)
      Is it legal to push this kind of person in front of a train?  Not really?  Can you double check?
    •  Re: Re; Adam Nagourney (none)
      I hate to say it, but I think Kerry is poisoning the pool himself. Personally, I'm planning to sit back and decide who gets my primary vote about the time that the WI primary rolls around.

      Kerry's campaign is a mess. It's unclear to me what he's actually running for. Which is too bad, since I thought going in that he'd make a fine President.

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