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  •  The control of female sexuality (3.88)
    Because personhood begins at conception. Birth control devices like the IUD (which prevents implantation) and possibly even oral contraceptives (since there's some evidence that they do as well) are in the sights of those who want to ban all abortions for any reason other than the life of the mother. The ultimate goal is controlling female sexuality. Listen to the rhetoric and you can hear it clearly.

    I'm personally very anti-abortion, though I am pro-choice politically. I don't believe that abortion can be outlawed without further endangering the lives of both women and real live unwanted born babies. The best thing we can do is work to lower the need for abortion, perceived or real, and I live for the day when the reasonable people in the anti-abortion movement and the reasonable people in the pro-choice movement can come together and start working on that.

    •  Control female sexuality (none)
      Yes, agree.  It is my belief that a lot of the rabid anti-abortion types are rabidly jealous or afraid of female sexuality.  That's why they want to suppress it, hide it.  It is no coincidence that most of the leaders are men.

      It's hard work to love Poland the best we can.

      by Unstable Isotope on Sun Oct 10, 2004 at 12:00:52 AM PDT

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    •  The IUD preventing implantation... (none)
      is not entirely accurate. The Mirena IUD, for example, works through a different mechanism (and the mechanism through which non-hormonal IUDs work has not been thoroughly explained, but the "preventing implantation" is not considered the primary method), or actually a set of mechanisms. If Mirena, for example, worked through only preventing implantation, the rate of ectopic pregnancy would be as high in IUD users as in those using no birth control. It is NOT. The Mirena is as effective as sterilization (and reversable), in preventing pregnancy. And yes, every so often a tubal will fail, vasectomies more often (my neighbor got calls from two friends this week whose husbands vasectomies had failed after 7 and 9 years respectively... she was dumbfounded, I was there when she got one of the calls.) It is more likely that the "primary" effect of an IUD is to change cervical mucous to be more hostile to sperm, so conception doesn't happen. There are also some other effects, too, but the "preventing implantation" is the least likely in most cases.

      But try explaining that to someone who's been convinced otherwise.
      <banging head on monitor>

      Personally I love the mirena--it's the only method I've found that is reliable, doesn't cause me health problems, and actually eliminates cramps and pre-menses bitchiness. And as my current pregnancy attests, it's completely reversable--I got pg within 6 weeks of taking it out.

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