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View Diary: Dred Scott, Explained: It's About Abortion (338 comments)

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  •  I think that it was only nonsensical (4.00)
    to those of us who are not in GWB's base.  If his base gets his intended message, no matter how ineptly he communicated it, then he's accomplished his goal or assuring them & locking up their vote.  This reassures them because he said it publicly, right on the same stage with Kerry.

    Since the rabid pro-lifers already know of the analogy between Dred Scott & Roe v. Wade reasoning, then all Bush had to do was utter Dred Scott for them to know exactly what he wanted to communicate.

    So, even if we can defeat the logic of the words he spoke at the debate, we don't convert his base to our cause.  However, I think many people would be outraged that he's publicly saying "no litmus test for Justices while in code saying exactly the opposite.  I would pray that, if exposed, his duplicitiousness & deception would lose him some votes among rational people.

    Furious George: angry, emotional, reactionary.

    by vaughn on Sun Oct 10, 2004 at 12:08:46 AM PDT

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