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  •  I was raped. (4.00)
    I tried to have an abortion.  Couldn't because the clinic was surrounded by Operation Rescue protestors.  During the time I was pregnant, three arson attempts were made on the clinic.  It's the same clinic a priest drove a truck into and to which he took an axe.

    While I was pregnant, I went to another clinic, which I thought should have abortion services.  Instead, they gave me forms to sign up for welfare.  I didn't find out until years later that it was an "Operation Rescue" type clinic.

    To receive foodstamps and welfare assistance, I was required by the State of Ilinois to have paternity established, so that the state could collect child support from the putative father.

    I didn't realize that, in doing so, the state gave the father all the rights of any other father -- including the right to sue for custody of the child.

    For 10 years, this man tried to take my child away from me.  Both my daughter and I were subjected to psychological battering, and I was physically battered.  I received constant threats that my daughter would be taken away from me and that I would never see her again.

    When my daughter was six years old, the state served the father with papers to raise his child support payments.  I received a call at work from him:  he threatened me that if I had anything more to do with state public assistance that he would take my child away and I would never see her again.  I got into a car accident on the way home from work because I was so distressed that I could not concentrate on the road.  I totalled the car and had head & neck injuries.

    The closer I got to getting my college degree (which took 10 years, under the circumstances), the father tried harder.  He cut off child support and frequently failed to return my child from visitations.  Finally, my daughter and I were forced to move across the state line, because I could not get assistance from the law enforcement or the courts to stop him from battering us.  I moved to an area where there was a domestic violence intervention program.

    He then was able to file for custody.  The court awarded him custody.  He took my daughter and cut of all my communication with her.  No warning was given to my daughter that this would happen.

    Then, when she was 12, he managed to get a court order cutting off all my legal access to my girl.  I didn't have any communication with her for over two years.  Then, after a few brief contacts, I was cut off from her for another 3 years.  The father told me that I would never see her again until she was 18 because he had heard that my attorney didn't wear his wedding at a hearing.

    Last night was the first time my daughter has been in my home in five years.  She just got her driver's license a few years ago.  She is now 17.  I have lost seven years of her life.  As a mother and child, she and I were very, very close.

    Pro-life...right!  These are the kind of men who become rapists and batterers.  They want to control women and the women's children, no matter how much psychological damage these men do to them.

    It is an American value to care for each other.
    Vote Kerry/Edwards on November 2nd, to bring our soldiers home safely.

    by Daemmern on Mon Oct 11, 2004 at 01:00:04 AM PDT

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    •  oops, typo (none)
      I meant, "wedding ring".  I left out the word "ring."

      It is an American value to care for each other.
      Vote Kerry/Edwards on November 2nd, to bring our soldiers home safely.

      by Daemmern on Mon Oct 11, 2004 at 01:02:54 AM PDT

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