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View Diary: The Truth About McCain's Torture Vote Reveals His Poor Judgment (34 comments)

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  •  That isn't what he said in his book (2+ / 0-)
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    he said they slapped him around a few times, but he was mostly out of it. After three or four days he traded the name of his ship, the number of aircraft in his flight, information about rescue ships, the order of which his attack was supposed to take place and the targets for treatment. He was afraid he would get blood poisoning and die. Ironically at the same time the Vietnamese were learning his father was an Admiral. It was the discovering of his importance as a political tool that prompted the North Vietnamese to give him the best medial treatment they had available, transferring him Gai Lam military hospital, a facility unavailable to other POWs. It was in that hospital he got his nickname, the Crowned Prince.

    He gave more than 20 interviews from Oct 1967 to Jan 1970 that we know of, the first 4 days after capture. He broke the Code of Conduct in every one. He is a collaborator. Another thing, he couldn't have been beaten for two years because  he stayed at The Plantation until Jan 1970, The Plantation was the show prison, no one was mistreated there. Ho Chi Minh died in Sept 1969 when Ho died the conditions improved there were no more beatings or torture ANYWHERE. McCain returned to the Hanoi Hilton Jan 1970. A lot of POWs don't believe McCain was beaten at all. He gave a filmed interview 4 days after his capture, there was no evidence in the film to sustantiate the brutal beatings.

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