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    So here is the rethugs plan; the way I figure... their only hope is to mobilize small town America to come out big for one of their own (Palin) on election day. This is how they won in 2004, by mobilizing small town evangelicals (especially in Ohio), 5 million more than came out in 2000, and they’re poised to try it again. And at the same time they keep up the dirty trick, voter suppression activities in the urban areas; which they have perfected at this point.  They think that this is their only hope to squeak out a victory...

    The other reason, I think, behind the pick is to have the press over-extend themselves with critiques on Palin to the n’th degree--which is what has been happening for the last five days; and what frankly should be happening because she is totally unqualified. But, here is the catch--this has given them free reign to push back and push back hard, not only toward the press, but also toward the Obama/Biden campaign--basically playing the victim (and, now sexism) card. This, at the same time, gives them an excuse to go negative to the extreme back at Obama--as though it were justified (Palin started this phase of the campaign last by delivering the "red meat"--the Moose meat as it were). So this is what we have to look forward for the next two months--extreme mudslinging (the lying about Obama and their own records, cheating, intimidating and threatening the press and individual journalists, etc.) and severe voter suppression in the urban areas.

    I campaigned in Columbus, Ohio back in 2004--there is nothing I would put past these people; there is nothing they won’t do to win an election. I estimate that Obama will need to win by at least 4-5% points nationally to simply break even; and to be able to win states like Ohio, Colorado, and Virginia. How about some discussion on strategy? First, I think this scenario can be pre-figured and counteracted--any ideas? 1) Highlighting the differences in experience--instead of just trashing Palin. 2) Asking probing questions that highlight the differences without being glib or too direct 3) This is a hard one--but don’t be extremely negative back--have pointed, yet undeniably "truthy" comebacks, which are not all John Kerry-y. 4) Have a kick-ass ground game that leaves no voters behind--focus on the urban areas; don’t allow the suppression, esp. at the local level. Keep going...

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