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View Diary: George Bush Presenile Dementia Video - Watch & Download (177 comments)

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  •  I'm a psychologist and I agree (4.00)
    I've noticed symptoms of cognitive impairment for a while.  It's not just his stammering, strange facial tics, and blanking out that is alarming .  Even more, it is his use of neologisms (words that don't really exist) that catch my attention. Uneducated people may misuse words or mispronounce them, but they don't make them up or conflate words so consistently.  Anyway, Bush may have been a bad student, but he is clearly educated.  It is an important symptom.
     I lean toward dementia rather than Korsakoff's.  There is something about his erratic irritability that also leads me in this direction. I wonder if they do any neuropsych testing as part of the physical, and if that would account for his avoidance.  


    •  The kind of testing you're wondering about (none)
      seems difficult to apply to the CIC. And perhaps unnecessary, since we all know that something is just not quite right about George.

      On the other hand, what if hackers did bust into his earpiece during the fist debate and his grimacing was a series of desperate signals to his Base (yes, The Base...erm....)about interference and strange texts he was receiving. In that condition he'd be ad libbing, though unable to concentrate.
      So then he goes back to The Base and has a screaming fit, so that they don't fit him with an earpiece for the second debate, which showed the world Georges au naturel.

      Either way, it's terrifying. I don' know what you guys need, but he did steal the 2000 election and he ought to be out on his ear by now. That's the one with the earpiece.

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