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View Diary: George Bush Presenile Dementia Video - Watch & Download (177 comments)

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  •  The Media's Duty (none)
    In a fair media climate, the media would be clamoring for the President to take the physical - In the past, the media has pressured  candidates to make public their physical results.
    Let's try and bug them about it.
    After all, we're talking about the guy with his finger on the button.
    •  I'll second that (none)
      There may be nothing to this, but I found it extremely disturbing. It certainly explains why Dick runs the show. Coupled with the refusal to take a routine physical, it looks a little fishy. Bush could put it all to rest by just taking his physical, so why doesn't he? I think it would be inappropriate for Kerry's campaign to push this, but the media should. Especially in light of the fact that our VP has a serious heart condition. President Hastert? Yikes!

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