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View Diary: RETHUGS:  Newsweek reports McCain Camp Interfering in Troopergate? (297 comments)

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    One of the statements McCain made in his acceptance speech was a promise to bring more transparency to Washington.  You can judge for yourself just how much this statement is worth when his campaign won't even let the press have an unscripted QandA with Palin.  That the Republicans in Alaska are trying to shut down or delay the investigation into the firing of the public safety commissioner should not be a surprise.  McCain is either running, or being run by, a quintessential Karl Rove campaign.  I truly believe these guys are so desperate to win that they are stooping to tactics that would bring a smile to the face of Joseph Geobbels.  It's time to end the politics of cynicism, smear, and lying, and the only way to end it is to stop rewarding it with success!

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