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View Diary: RETHUGS:  Newsweek reports McCain Camp Interfering in Troopergate? (297 comments)

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  •  Why is Sarah Palin unquestionable?? (0+ / 0-)

    To Obama I would say attack her, and take the heat for doing so, but dont destoy her.  Dont hope that she will self destruct on her own.  Because she is not answering questions, it just begs more questions about her.  When the answers aren’t made available from her own lips, some answers will be assumed or created.  This woman was not vetted at all, by anyone

    In the past, our Government has made us proud, and demonstrated shining examples of a true Democracy in action.  To our horror, our Government has also brought us shame by testing nuclear weapons effects on its citizens, and conducting medical experiments on unsuspecting patients.  Over the years, we have grown dependent on the news media to sniff out the versions of the truth, so that we as a people can draw our own conclusions, based upon the information available.   This tried and true check and balance has been proven again and again.  Americans are smart enough to separate crap from shinola.  We all may not always agree, but at least we had the facts to contend with.  

    In more recent history, the Government, in the form of George Bush, put on the pretense of negotiating with Iraq.  George Bush presented evidence of Saddam’s aggressive intent, which no one could verify.  When the inevitable questions came, the basic answer from the Bush administration was "Trust Us, Don’t Ask".  George Bush said that Saddam had Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), but under intense questioning, the answer was Trust Us, Don’t Ask".   If a rumor is repeated long enough, and by authoritative figures, it tends to grow legs of its own and mirror the truth.  In the end, the real truth was that no WMD existed.  

    Thousands of American lives have been extinguished on a false premise, and an outright lie, because we didn’t ask the hard questions.  The founding fathers insisted that we question Government at every turn, but we have become too complacent to question our Government, because we think they wouldn’t lie to us.  In another example, the Bush administration initially stated that torture was not being used on America’s foreign prisoners.  In fact, it was stated that each prisoner was afforded human dignity and those rights required by the Geneva Convention, at a minimum.  "Trust Us, Don’t Ask".  As time passed, we found that not only were prisoners mistreated, but water boarding and torture had been developed to an art form.  

    This story could go on and on about instances where the Government, and the Bush administration in particular,  has told the American people not just stories that were not exactly true, but were outright lies.  However, here were are, faced once again with a decision of automatic trust.  This decision is being pushed by non other that John McCain. In Johns mind, he can pick a Vice Presidential running mate, who might become our President, without any questions from anyone.  This s an awesome power bestowed upon him.  We as the people, regardless of political affiliation, have the obligation to question the person who may someday be our President, and in whose selection, we did not get a vote.  

    In selecting Sarah Palin, John McCain chose an unknown quantity.  Is it too much that we ask to know who and what she believes in a little better?   Instead, John McCain intends to treat Ms Palin as an attack dog, wheeled out to bite and snarl, and then locked up when not required.  Any questions as to her qualifications and beliefs’ are considered "off limits", and will not be entertained.  Again, "Trust Us, Don’t Ask".   Is Ms Palin that much of a shrinking violet?  We were all led to believe that she was some strong hockey mom type.  If so, why is she shielded, and any questions regarding her called sexist.  Is that what modern women want?  

    If we remove the spin provided by John McCain and his cohorts, can Ms Palin take the pressures she will encounter as not only the VP, but potentially as the President?  If not, I want to know so now, and not when John McCain feels it’s ok for us to know.  If Ms Palin cannot stand the heat, I don’t want her in the kitchen.  In my mind, it begs the question of "What competent and intelligent person would allow themselves to be used this way"?  The answer does not reflect on her favorably.  If heaven forbid, something should happen to John McCain, will we be left with a VP who was clueless from the beginning, and a deer in the headlights, in the face of the current world’s challenges?  For Barack Obama, and John McCain, I would say, yes, I trust you, but we the people have the right to verify.   Put Sarah Palin out there for us to draw our own conclusions.  Presidents and Vice Presidents don’t get treated with kid gloves.  Anything else in un-American and a sham to democracy.  

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