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View Diary: Canvassing In Reno, Nevada (+ photos) (241 comments)

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    I traveled from San Francisco to the same office you did, but one week earlier. I was canvassing apartment complexes rather than the detached houses and mobile homes that it looks like you were visiting. The 100 degree heat was the same, though. Ugh - the only up side I can see to that heat was the fact that people aren't going to be out in that heat canvassing unless they are really inspired by a campaign, and the Obama campaign has a huge advantage over the McCain in the so-called enthusiasm gap.  If that heat is deterring would-be Republican canvassers, but is not enough to deter the Obama supporters, that's good for us.

    I'm planning on heading back for one or two weekends in October, and probably the final Nov 1-4 push. Maybe I'll see you there.

    Do you have any news on how many new voter registrations the Reno office, and/or all of the Nevada offices got over the course of your weekend?

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