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View Diary: Canvassing In Reno, Nevada (+ photos) (241 comments)

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    Olivia, you and your gang remind me so much of the gang of canvassers I worked with four years ago in St Louis. Canvassing is difficult work, and it can be demoralizing if you find yourself in a neighborhood that is running against your candidate. In St Louis, we worked the swing precincts: the ones that were basically a 50/50 split between Rs and Ds in the last election. The theory was that face time in those areas might turn out enough D voters to "swing" the precinct our way. Unfortunately, you find yourself knocking an a lot of R doors in the course of trying to identify friendly voters. Those days could be difficult.

    We found we had to spend some time in the strong Dem areas of the city at rallys and other events to renew our enthusiasm after a bad day talking to Repugs.

    Canvassing was an eye-opening experience. Glad to hear you're enjoying it! Keep up the good work!

    Si,se puede, Amiga!

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