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    Since then, the Republicans’ have posted a won-loss record in presidential contests of 7-3 (or 6-2-1, if like me you regard the 2000 election as essentially a tie).

    I would note the 2000 election with an asterisk. Bush needed a whole truckload of technicalities just to get Florida's 27 electoral votes: People voting for the wrong candidate because they were flummoxed by the butterfly ballot, people voiding their ballots by following an erroneous instruction to "vote every page," party activists correcting Republicans' absentee ballot applications but not Democrats', failure to stock enough provisional ballots, and most importantly, Republicans "purging convicted felons" from the rolls, falsely accusing 9-% of the people so removed.

    There is a tie in Presidential elections. It's when no candidate gets a majority of electoral votes, and the next President is chosen by the House of Representatives.

    Proud Citizen of Barackopolis.

    by Judge Moonbox on Sun Sep 07, 2008 at 06:23:39 PM PDT

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