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  •  AS a 65 year old white woman (16+ / 0-)

    I too know that things have changed.  I was a young liberal, stay at home mom for several years.  It was when I went to work in an inner city hospital that I found that some black people did not have the work ethic that I was raised with, "A fair days work for a fair days wage!!!"..  I was shocked when my co-workers marched to the polls to vote AGAINST the school levys that would have made their schools better.  

    Some how, even though I came more to the center politically, I kept many of my liberal tendencies.  Before Bush was elected, I would have told people that I was a fiscal conservative and a liberal socially.  Bush changed everything.  He proved to me that conservative policies just don't work, that they in essence are to benefit the few.. and that the middle class doesn't count unless you mean to manipulate their fears.

    So here I am.  Coming full circle politically.  I don't know what will happen to me emotionally if Obama loses this election.  And I fear for my grandchildren and the future if he does.

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