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    I feel that Sinclair Broadcasting is making an egregious error by running a partisan film under the pretext of "news" before a national election.

    I feel that a conflict of interest exists, between the co-producers of the film, Quantumm Communications, specifically the relationship between Charlie Gerow, Quantumm Executive, Republican Delegate, Republican spokesperson, and  former Republican candidate for congress who is also a spokesperson for Accupoll, the touch-screen polling company that is responsible for the integrity of our election.

    Charlie Gerow, as a co-producer of the the film Stolen Honor, has run for Republican office, worked on Republican Campaigns, and is actively working for Republican interests. By Sinclair Broadcasting placing a well-connected partisan film on the air in contradiction to FCC rules is un-American, and illegal.  

    Sinclair Broadcasting has made it a hallmark of its business model to promote partisan issues, at the expense of local programming.  As a consumer, I cannot in good conscience support Sinclair, its affiliate stations, its sponsors, or holdings.

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