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  •  Kossites from FL, NC, or SC... (none)
    The FCC "Informal Objections" filing deadline for Florida, North Carolina, and South Caroline is November 1st!.

    Please take advantage of Sinclair Watch's website and the documentation they have available (step #4).

    •  Slight error (none)
      According to the website, Florida objections can be submitted until January 2005.  One of the things I was not clear about, though: can people in other states but within the viewing area (I live in southern Georgia in the viewing areas of both Tallahassee stations) submit objections as well?
      •  Anyone can submit... (none) least by my reading of the FCC documents.  However, it would see to me that actual viewer's complaints would seem much more credible.

        By all means submit your objections for both the TLH stations.  I plan on submitting for both TLH and the Tampa station.

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