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  •  My Letter to Pepsi (none)
    Steal as much as you wish:

    Sirs and Madams;

    I am a consumer of your beverages.  I drink a fair amount of soda and have been a customer of yours for many years  I even liked Crystal Pepsi when it was available.

    I'm sure by now you are aware of the planned actions of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group in the days running up to the election.  Just days before America is slated to choose our president, Sinclair is preempting the usual network fare to show a slanderous film on John Kerry that denigrates his service to the country in Vietnam.  Sinclair deflects protest letters and questions sent to them on this issue by referring to a "spontaneous live news event" that they plan to air after the show, willfully misinterpreting the outrage over this abuse of the public airwaves.

    I understand Pepsi is a major advertiser on Sinclair's stations.  I find that I must ask you respectfully to consider pulling your advertising on these stations and redirecting your ad buys to competitors of Sinclair Broadcasting Group in the markets Sinclair serves. If your company continues to advertise on Sinclair stations I am afraid I will have to change my brand allegiance, start drinking competitors products, and ask friends and relatives to do the same. It would pain me but I can't support an advertiser who would financially support the hijacking of the public airwaves for partisan political slander.

    I have confidence in your company and am certain you will do the right thing.  If you do pull your ads I will encourage my friends and relatives to switch from your competitors drinks and to start drinking Pepsi products instead. I don't want to merely offer the threat of a boycott, I'd like to offer the carrot of an "anti-boycott" encouraging the consumption of your products.

    Yours sincerely,

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