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View Diary: I'm so worried about the National Tracking Polls (48 comments)

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  •  Polls are like Snapshots (3+ / 0-)
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    If polls determine winners, than Hillary Clinton should be the democratic nominee cause she was 30 points ahead 3 weeks before Iowa Caucus nationwide.

    If polls determine winners, than Dukakis should have won the presidency cause he was 18 points ahead after their democratic convention.

    If polls determin winners, than John Edwards should have beat out Obama cause according to polls, white men won't vote for a black man.

    The point is Polls and Obama go like Oil and Vingar. They don't mix. Obama has a extemely well ground game that isn't being pollled. He has had a huge voter registration in key battleground states like Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Colorado. By HUGE numbers, so it is crucial that we GOTV because that is the only way he will win. If people who are registered don't vote, then Obama won't win. End of Story. So again, Polls are like snapshots of the moment anything can happen between now and the election. Palin is going to have to eventually answer some questions regarding her policies and views. She is very extreme so that may turn away voters especially women. So I think the key is to let voters know what her positions are.

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