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View Diary: BLOGOSPHERE SHITSTORM: Target Viacom (57 comments)

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  •  what? (1.50)
    OK, so you're getting your strategic inspiration from a fictional president, who was unpopular in make-believe land? No wonder you sound so pathetic apologizing for Viacom.

    Registration doesn't win elections. Turnout does and that is what we need to focus on. Extensive research has shown youth turnout increases with access to information about the issues.

    This scandal is already firing up youth and the fact you are pissing on their struggle is condescending bullshit.

    You can choose what battles you want to fight. This battle is being fought with or without you --- which is a reflection on you, not the young voter movement.

    •  The line (none)
      about condescending bullshit is over the line, dude.

      This is the same as flooding a condo building with hate mail because they won't allow solicitors in the building.

    •  Dude what the?? (2.66)
      Just because you disagree it isnt trollish?

      if you want to have a conversation sure.. but just because I disagree with you, you give it a troll rating? that is uncalled for.

      By all means disagree with it. Point out why you think my logic is flawed. but just dont be throwing troll ratings out.  What exactly did you find in my comment to warrant a troll rating if I may ask?

      Clearly, I am not the only one who disagreed with you about this?

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