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  •  I like the idea of pressuring fund managers (none)
    I am in the industry, and since we are trying to get Sinclair to move fast to pull this thing, best thing is to get the hedge funds and day traders worried that the stock is in trouble (it is).

    Check out this from the Yahoo message board

    "This business with the Kerry 'documentary' should go down in business history as a case study in corporate malfeasance. Regardless of which candidate you support, as a shareholder this kind of thing has to make you sick. Management is choosing to forgo revenues derived from normal 'prime time' advertising in favor of showing a politically slanted program clearly designed to sway voters. It's fine for management of a company to favor one candidate over another, but to attempt to sway public opinion at the expense of shareholders is clearly wrong.

    This would be the equivalent of McDonald's shutting down all of their restaurants at lunchtime and then having employees stand by the road with "Bush Sucks!" signs"

    •  website for stock attacks? (none)
      I have no idea what you all are talking about because I'm fiscally retarded, but I was wondering -- is there some kind of site for things like this? I know there are places where you can keep track of progressive boycotts, but the stock strategies you all are talking about are much more convoluted and probably very effective. If such a site doesn't exist, maybe those of you in the know could start one -- a clearinghouse of companies being targeted, the reasons why, and the game plan.
    •  The List is there (none)
      Try Janus Funds as well as Franklin Templeton - just tell them you are a customer and that you will drop your fund if Sinclair insists on violating FCC rules and doing political work rather than broadcasting.

      The contact info is on the database.

    •  Here's my question (none)
      I wasn't hoping for divestiture or emergency board meetings or such. What's the cance that one of these folks will call a counterpart at Sinclair and complain about the PR problem with being blatantly  political? I assume all these guys know each other I guess.

      "If I pay a man enough money to buy my car, he'll buy my car." Henry Ford

      by johnmorris on Mon Oct 11, 2004 at 10:00:22 PM PDT

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      •  High (none)
        The chance is very, very high.

        Even under Reg FD (new-ish disclosure rules), there is a whole lot of communication between analysts and investors and the company.

        I think more than a few of our targets will contact Sinclair.  This is a very effective tactic.

        Thanks to all who are paticipating - you're making a difference!


      This is a note to let you know that your contact information is being circulated around the world with the stain of the political propaganda that is being perpetrated in your name by the Sinclair Broadcasting Group.  A look at Sinclair's quote chart* is reason enough for your investors to take a serious look at the long term viability of this investment.  Less people are watching its product as a result of its partisan politics, and advertisers are not long to see the trend.  The downward shift started in August when the group refused to air the Nightline broadcast where Ted Koppel read the names of the soldiers who gave their lives to protect our country.  The latest move, of which I'm sure you are aware, to air an anti-Kerry propoganda movie when millions will tune in to see regularly scheduled programming, should be the nail in the coffin of this outlet that cannot help itself from forcing its political agenda down the throats of its innocent viewers.
      * see: SBGI STOCK

      I don't know how accurate it all is, or if they care, but I just wanted to e-mail somebody with my gut feelings and if it helps those on this site to have the to: and cc: addresses, then it is worth it.  Those of you in the business can write a better letter.  I'm also financially retarded.

      Bush + Dick = F**ked

      by intrados on Mon Oct 11, 2004 at 10:29:21 PM PDT

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      •  It may work for most (none)
        But you don't need to email Barclays Global Investors. They own the stock because of their index funds and don't make any active decisions.  

        But the others are probably fine addresses. I posted elsewhere that the biggest institutional holder, Earnest Investors has as its CEO Paul E. Viera, who has donated $7000 to Ba,rak Obama and $2000 to John Kerry.  He probably already knows what's up by now.  

        found the info on

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