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  •  One person brought this up before... (4.00)
    And I see a fundamental difference between F9/11's plans and this one.

    Sinclair is pre-empting shows on "free" (broadcast) TV to show an anti-Kerry film, possibly duping people into watching it.

    IF (and this is an extrmemely large if), F9/11 gets on tv, It looks like it will be on pay-per-view, where only those people who wish to see it will see it.  I see a distinct difference between showing something on PPV and pre-empting regular programing so you try to convince some undecided voter who decided to change to channel to watch survivor and instead see Kerry getting Bashed.

    •  1234 (none)
      I agree if your conditions are met.  I just wonder what the response would be if Moore pulled off some big surprise and got the movie on a network.

      Of course, with all of this Sinclair uproar, I doubt any network would touch F 9/11 after seeing this.

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      by Doppy on Mon Oct 11, 2004 at 09:00:02 PM PDT

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    •  No (none)
      I don't care if there's a difference or not.  The point is that if they are going to do this they are going to suffer the consequences.  If some station shows F9/11, they're certainly going to suffer similar boycotts from the freepers.  The question is just, who is more organized and who can run a better boycott.
    •  i think F9/11 will be on pay tv (none)
      precisely because the major networks wouldn't touch it. very possibly because of the problem with giving equal time to bush and cutting into their revenue stream from advertising. one could conclude their refusal was really to protect bush, but generally speaking i suspect protecting revenue comes first.

      this has actually been a problem in the past, when there have been questions about whether all the networks would, for example, carry presidential debates or whatever ballgame was being played at the same time. profit first, then politics. which means those making an argument that sinclair is acting against the best interests of its investors has merit in terms of the markets.

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