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  •  I know this is a different tack... (none)
    and I did email all of the analysts with info provided on these threads. (and am also curious about TIAA-CREF since they are with whom I have funds..)

    but if this doesn't work and Sinclair does end up broadcasting there any utility in thinking about a major protest/sit-in at local stations that would generate enough noise that the major networks would have to at least cover on the nightly news that it was not just "programming as usual" for this movie?

    •  this happened in May (none)
      when Sinclair pre-empted broadcasts of the Nightline that showed the faces of fallen soldiers in Iraq and Afganistan. A dkos poster actually organized a protest at the Columbus, OH affiliate and it got local media coverage. I'm sure the competing stations in the market LOVE to give play to a story about their rival getting criticized.

      so to answer your question, yes, we will absolutely do that at the very least. And this time I think we have the DNC and at least 18 senators who will join us :)

    •  IOWA: Iowa City / Cedar Rapids (none)
      Members of Democracy for Iowa and other community members are planning to meet at the Java House in Iowa City at 7pm to plan strategy.  

      The local Sinclair affiliate is KGAN-TV out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

      It is an American value to care for each other.
      Vote Kerry/Edwards on November 2nd, to bring our soldiers home safely.

      by Daemmern on Mon Oct 11, 2004 at 10:04:10 PM PDT

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