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  •  Couldn't hurt (none)
    Depends on what kind of 401k you have. My retirement benefits go into four mutual funds I picked. If TIAA-CREF (my retirement fund company) was on the list of institutional investors, I would have emailed/called/written to the fund managers. However, some retirement accounts can be in annuities, bonds, etc. Others might be indexed (fixed to a certain index like NASDAQ or NYSE). Those would be less fruitful. BUT having said that, no matter what kind of account you have writing or calling the fund manager will help get word out and about regarding the boycott and increase the buzz. So by all means do it. They will either reassure you that you aren't invested in Sinclair or will say something like their number one concern is the value of the stock and not social issues. But if enough negative buzz is going around about a stock that alone can depress the value, which a fund manager has to take into account.

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