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  •  And for the guys who just want to make some money. (none)
    Make sure they know that Sinclair is the 3rd worst performer in its industry for the past 12 months.

    Laggards in Price Performance (1 yr)

    1.Young Broadcasting Inc [YBTVA]  -47.53%

    2. Cox Radio Inc [CXR]  -34.54%

    3. Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc [SBGI]  -32.43%

    1. Citadel Broadcasting Corp [CDL]  -31.95%  

    2. Entercom Communications Corp [ETM]  -30.75%  

    3. Cumulus Media Inc [CMLS]  -26.00%  

    4. ACME Communications Inc [ACME]  -25.03%  

    8. Clear Channel Communications Inc [CCU]  -24.40%

    1. TiVo Inc [TIVO]  -24.20%  

    2. Echostar Communications Corp [DISH]  -20.41%  

    The American investor desires, no,
    deserves the best available return on capital.

    It's up to us to make sure that they don't waste their time on Sinclair Broadcasting.

    That goes double for persons in positions of fiduciary trust; they owe it to their clients to get them their ROC.

    Sinclair Broadcasting just isn't cutting the mustard these days.

    We need to do our patriotic duty. :)

    Oklaphobia - fear of coming too soon.

    by cskendrick on Mon Oct 11, 2004 at 10:26:14 PM PDT

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